About Cindy

Cindy Smith is the creator and owner of Personal Types. Previously a commercial graphic designer for over 15 years, she has designed everything from brand identities, style guides, brochures, event stationery, advertisements, billboards, truck wraps, to fashion campaigns and so on. During her career she had gained much experience in consumer marketing psychology. Although she enjoyed commercial design, it had lost its appeal as she grew further in her career. After being affected by the economy in 2010, she was able to turn a negative into a positive. After feeling frustrated and constricted creatively for so long, she ultimately decided to create and produce her own work. Step by step she started to put together her business, her company brand, style, techniques, and her own story. She turned her dream into reality, creating a business built on her own philosophy and design techniques, her own Personal Types.

My Mission

I wanted Personal Types to align with my aesthetic of being a graphic designer. I wanted my designs to tell a story rather than just look visual appealing. To me, appearances always change but the core objective and value is more important. That's why I created Personal Types, with an objective, that states "EVERY TYPE IS PERSONAL". I wanted to create a visual that are relatable and emotional in any medium.